• School closes on Friday 24th May for May half term holiday and re opens on Monday 3rd June

Wednesday 22nd April

Wednesday 22nd April 2020

Hello Tigers and Lions,

On the front of your folder is either a yellow, blue or red sticker.  Please complete the activity with your grown up that matches the colour on your folder.

Remember to share your reading book or another story every day.

If your child has a phonics folder read daily.

English – In your workbook- All groups: Type into Google ‘Literacy Shed Rooted’ (a short animated film).  Watch the clip until Lady Tree arrives.  How do you think Man Tree felt?  Talk about it with your grown up.

Red and Blue – Begin with a story opener, eg ‘One day,’  ‘One afternoon,’  ‘Later’  etc.  Story tell the part of the film where Lady Tree arrives.  How did she get there?  What did she look like?  How do you think Man Tree felt about her? Use adjectives to describe her and conjunctions to make your sentences longer, such as ‘and,’ ‘so’, ‘but’ or ‘because.’

Yellow – Ask a grown up to help you think of sentences to tell the story of Lady Tree arriving.  What did she look like?  How do you think Man Tree felt about her?

One day ………

Lady Tree was ……..   She had ………

Man Tree felt …….

Maths – In your workbook.

Red – Blue – Yellow – What do you already know about time? Recap o’clock and half past, using the clock that you made yesterday (half past 1, 12 o’clock). Make sure the hands are in the correct place.

Science – Minibeast hunt.  Think back to the Science clip from yesterday.  Go out into your garden/local park to look for minibeasts.  Can you name some of the ones you found?  Draw pictures and label them.