• School closes on Friday 24th May for May half term holiday and re opens on Monday 3rd June

Sports Premium

What is the Sports Premium?

After the 2012 Olympics the government committed to providing additional funding to 2015 to improve sports pro-vision (PE) primary schools. This funding is provided jointly by the Departments for Education, Health and Culture, Media and Sport and is allocated to all primary schools.

The funding is only to be spent on sport and will go directly to the school, where the Head, teachers and governors will decide what is best for their children’s needs. This could vary from specialist coaching, teacher training to lunchtime clubs. Schools will be held to account for how they spend the money via Ofsted in order to ensure the funding is bringing the maximum benefit for all pupils.

How it works at Purston Infant School

At Purston Infant School our philosophy is to give all children ‘the best start’ through a nurturing environment. We have high aspirations for all children and endeavour to provide a broad and balanced curriculum which includes quality PE. We are pleased to receive the extra funding and will allocate the funding effectively so that children are given every opportunity to participate in a range of sports activities in school. The tables below show the sports funding allocation for the year and how we intend to apportion the money.



Sports Funding Impact Report 2019-20