School Lunch & Snacks

All children are now entitled to a free school meal, although children still wishing to have a packed lunch can still do so. We just need one weeks notice for any changes to lunchtime arrangements.
We continually encourage our children to eat healthy food so that they grow into healthy adults. All food served in school has to meet the standards from the Department of Health and we use ISS Education to provide this service. We would urge any parents providing packed lunches to consider guidelines and encourage their child to eat healthily. Please see below for a copy of our school menu.

We serve dinners from the school hall. There are two sittings which helps to limit the noise and allows more opportunity for outdoor play. There is usually a teacher on duty in the hall to deal with any issues which may arise.

Playtime Snacks/Drinks

As we are a healthy school, children are offered fresh fruit and milk (free to children until the term before their fifth birthday) at allocated times. Children are not allowed to bring their own snacks into school. If sweets or snacks are brought into school they will be confiscated until the end of the day.


All children are encouraged to bring a plastic bottle filled with water, their name clearly written on it, to drink in the classroom. Please note that only water can be drunk in the classrooms.