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Home Learning 7.5.20

Thursday 7th May 2020

Hello Crocodiles,

Can you practice counting out loud to 5, 10 or 20 today? Don’t forget to start at 0! Here is Emily from afternoon crocodiles showing you how to do it 🙂

Here are today’s home learning activities:

Literacy- Writing:

Close your eyes & listen to the clip below.

Imagine you are travelling on your boat across the sea but wait! You see land in the distance- It’s an island! What might the island look like? What or who will be there to greet you?

I imagine a beautiful Island with lots of palm trees swaying in the wind. The only houses are tree houses made out of wood.

But you might see something different!

Does your island have boats instead of houses? Or trees and houses made out of sweets and chocolate?

Are there people or animals on your island?

You might imagine some of your favourite things like below.

Can you draw what your island would look like? Remember to use a tripod- snappy crocodile grip when holding your pencil!

(parents/carers- there are no right or wrong answers here- just whatever your child can imagine!)

Make it easier: Tell your child what objects to draw and help them with the shape-e.g “draw a paddling pool- its the shape of a big circle it goes round and round!”

Make it harder: Asking your child to label what they have drawn using their phonics to segment (sound out) each word.

Understanding the World-

Using the boats you made earlier in the week- can you test out if your boats float or sink in your bath/ a sink or a tub of water?

If your boat did float- what was it made out of that stopped the water from getting in?

If your boat sunk- why did it sink? What would you try to use next time if you were to make a boat again?

Thank you

Miss Crossley