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Home Learning 6.7.20

Monday 6th July 2020

Hello Crocodiles,

I hope you have had a fantastic weekend with your family! We are continuing with our Superhero story – ‘Superworm’. We will also be doing phonics every day this week to finish our alphabet.

Here are today’s home learning activities:


Please can you run through each letter of the alphabet with your child on the video below- encourage them to say the sound for each letter.

Speed Read

Introduce v:

v as in van

Can you practice writing v, remember to write both the capital V and lowercase v.

Can you say the sounds below and blend them together to read the words:

v   e t

v   a n

v   e  s  t

Can your child play the following game and pop the correct letter bubbles. You can choose any group of letters from the left hand side (set 1 to 7) you feel your child needs more practice with.


Literacy & PSED

Do you remember our story from last week? It was Superworm!

Do you remember what had happened on Friday?

Superworm was under the wizard lizard’s magic spell.

Do you think he will he escape? How?

Superworm 1

Superworm 2

Superworm 3

Superworm’s friends want to help free him from the Wizard Lizard’s spell. They are coming up with a plan! How do you think they will plan to get him free?

Are they being good friends by helping?

We love to help our friends at school, what kind of things could you do to help your friends or grown ups at home?

Thank you

Miss Crossley