• School closes for Easter Holidays on Friday 22nd March.

Home Learning – 28.04.20

Good morning Kangaroos and Giraffes,

Make sure you are getting outside and doing your daily exercise. This could be on your bike, scooter or just walking.


How many words can you think of that have the letter group ‘ee’ in them? Can you write the words in your workbook and read them to a grown up?

Can you say or write a sentence with the word queen in it, and read your sentence to a grown-up?


Yesterday you created a world for your dragon to live, gave it a name and labelled it.

Today we would like you to think about what the world is like. Is it icy cold, snowy, hot and sunny, dark and gloomy, sparkly, bright and colourful, scary, dangerous? Is it made up of sweets and ice- cream, are there many fruit trees? Are there any other creatures living in the dragons world?

Red, Possums, Blue, Green, Wombats and Koalas – We would like you to describe the world in your workbook using adjectives. What does it look like, what does it sound like and what does it smell like? Remember to use capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.

Yellow and Crocodiles – We would like you to talk to a grown up about the world that you have created and have a go at writing a sentence to describe the world with the help of a grown up.


Today we would like you to collect objects again and this time put them into 4 EQUAL piles. How many objects are in each pile? They should all be the same amount.

Red and the Possums – Collect 20 objects.

Blue, Green, Wombats and Koalas – Collect 12 objects.

Yellow and Crocodiles – Collect 4 objects.

Don’t forget to share a book with someone today. Your reading is still important.

Have a lovely day.

From Mrs Eades and Mrs Attwood