• School will close for summer on Friday 19th July at 2.30pm

Home Learning – 27.04.20

Good morning Kangaroos and Giraffes,

We hope you have had a nice weekend and enjoyed all the lovely weather we have had.

Today we would like you to complete some more activities in your book.


We would like you to start the day by doing some phonics. Can you think of some words with the letter group ‘oa’, how many can you think of? Can you tell a grown up the words that you know? Can you write some words with oa in them?


Last week we asked you to design your own dragon, give it a name and think about what sort of dragon it is.

Today we would like you to create a world for your dragon to live in, we would like you to draw a picture in your workbook and give the world a name.

Does the world have steep mountains, glistening waterfalls, magical pools, gigantic trees, glittering streams, beautiful rainbows, old castles, tall towers, wild forests? We would like you to use those wonderful imaginations that we know you all have!

Red/Possums, Blue/Green and Wombats/Koalas – Draw a world for your dragon to live in and label it using your best handwriting, remembering which are tall letters and which letters have a tail that goes under the line.

Yellow and Crocodiles – Draw a world for your dragon to live in and have a go at labelling some of the parts of the world with the help of a grown-up.

Using some of your toys and things that you might find in the house and garden, could you make the world? We would love to see your creations.


We are carrying on with our fraction work this week. Today we are going to look at ¼. This means 1 of 4 equal parts.

Can you design a pizza that is in ¼ and put 4 different toppings on each quarter?

Draw a big circle in your book and divide it equally into 4 sections. One line down the middle and one line across the middle. Then do 4 different toppings on each section. Each piece of pizza is ¼.

Remember to ask your grown-up to email your teacher to tell them about the things that you have been doing at home.

Remember to read to someone today.

We hope you enjoy this, love from Mrs Attwood and Mrs Eades.