• School closes for Easter Holidays on Friday 22nd March.

Home Learning 23.04.20

Thursday 23rd April 2020

Hello Crocodiles,

Remember to share a book with someone in your family today and keep practicing your name writing 🙂

Here are today’s home learning tasks:


Can you remember which number we learnt about last week? Number 9!

We will be learning about the number one more than nine this week, number ten! Can you watch the numberblocks episode below and talk about what happens with a grown up? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0oEZc2Deeqc

Can you count up to this number on your fingers? Remember when you get to 5 to high five with someone at home! When you get to 10 fingers can you clap your hands?

Can you count up to 10 using a teeny, tiny, squeaky mouse voice? Can you count up to 10 using a scary wolf voice?

You have 10 fingers- do you have 10 of anything else? Have a look at your feet- can you count your toes?

CHALLENGE- Can you ask your child what number is one more than number 10? They can use objects to count up to 10 first and then add one more.

Physical Development–Fine motor skills

With your parent/carer’s help can you find coats/hoodies with zips and hangers in your house? Can you practice your zipping skills by putting the coats onto hangers and zipping them up?

Can you practice zipping up your own coat as you wear it?

Thank you.

Miss Crossley