• School is closed on Thursday 2nd May for voting and Monday 6th May for May Day bank holiday

Home Learning – 22.05.20

Good morning Kangaroos and Giraffes.


Today in phonics, we would like you to make up some alien names, using the letter groups that we have been looking at this week – ou, er, ur, aw

Can you write the alien names in your workbook and draw a picture of what the alien might look like?

Can you write a silly sentence about your alien?


Good News! Your dragon has found the key and has unlocked the door of the tower. Your dragon is sorry for stealing the Queen’s crown.

Your dragon wants to draw some pictures about the time it was locked in the tower, and needs your help.

What memories do you already have of your time being at home? What are your favourite memories so far? What activities have you enjoyed doing? Have you learnt a new skill, like riding your bike or baking?

In your workbooks, we would like you to draw pictures about the memories that you have made so far, maybe you could stick some photographs in too.

Don’t forget to get your grown-up to email us with any of the work you have been completing.

There will be no home learning beginning 25th May as it is the school holidays so have a lovely half term break with your family. Remember to make lots of memories and enjoy your time together.

Lots of love from Mrs Attwood and Mrs Eades.