• School closes for Easter Holidays on Friday 22nd March.

Home Learning – 20.05.20

Good morning Kangaroos and giraffes!


Today we are looking at the letter group ‘ur’ (as in burger). How many words can you think of? Choose your favourite book, how many words with the ‘ur’ sound can you find in your book?

We would like you to make a list of the words in your workbook and read them to a grown up. Can you put some of these words into a sentence? Can you make a silly sentence?


On Wednesday morning we have singing, sing your favourite songs to your grown up and with your grown up then make up a silly song or rhyme. Can you think of any songs with castles, kings, queens, princesses or princes in them?

Can you think of ways to make music using different parts of your body?

Can you clap out the names of the people in your family? Look around your house and garden; can you clap out the things that you can see?

Can you make music using the things that you might find in your house and garden?


Today we are going to use the language ‘more than’, ‘less than’ and ‘equal to’ to compare numbers. For example, 54 is more than 23.

In your workbooks we would like you to compare some numbers.

Red and the Possums –

65 and 74

18 and 81

70 and 79

34 and 34

82 and 99

56 and 32

01 and 1

45 and 54

Blue, Green, Wombats and Koalas –

34 and 18

12 and 24

10 and 20

54 and 62

65 and 65

11 and 1

Yellow and Crocodiles –

8 and 4

2 and 5

3 and 10


Can you draw or paint a picture of what you can see outside your window? We would love to see them!

Have a lovely day.

From Mrs Eades and Mrs Attwood