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Home Learning 2/7/20

Hello Monkeys and Elephants,

We hope that you enjoyed yesterday’s activities. Remember to complete the activity that matches the coloured sticker on the front of your work pack.

Remember to share your reading book or another story every day. 

Floppy’s Phonics

We would like you to start your day with some phonics. You can practice your speed sounds every day by following the links on our class pages.

Red group – Today we would like you to look at the letter group ‘ue’ as in rescue. Ask a grown up to write this list of words. cue, value, statue, museli  . Use your phonic knowledge to read the words. Now ask a grown up to read the words so you can write them. Listen carefully to the sounds in the words. Can you put one of the words into a sentence?

Blue group – Today we would like you to look at the sound ‘zz’ as in buzz. Can you read the following sentence?

Six bugs zip and zap, and they fuzz and buzz!

Can you spot today’s sound, ‘z’ as in buzz?  Write the words from the sentence above with ‘z’ in them.  Can you think of any more words with today’s sound?

Yellow group – Today we would like you to look at the sound ‘ll’ as in hill. Ask a grown up to write this list of words. fill, tell, gull, spill. With your grown up use your phonic knowledge to read the words and have a go at copying the words.

Remember, say the sound, read the word.

Literacy- This week our story is ‘How to Save a Superhero’ watch the video of Mrs Hall reading the story.

In the story The Collector makes a machine called ‘Flying Game Grabber’ to collect all of the toys in the world.

Can you design a machine?  What does your machine do?

Red- Children in red group can write their words and sentence independently.

Remember use your phonics to sound out the words you need, use your tricky word tree for words that do not sound out and remember finger spaces.

Blue-Children in blue group are getting good with their writing but will need some support.  Remember use your phonics and listen to the sounds in the words you need and have a really good go with your letter formation.

Yellow-.Children in yellow group will need you to write the word so they can copy the writing.


In the story The Collector uses a snooze ray that makes the sounds, Kazam! Pow! And Zapp!  Can you create some word art?  Look at the ideas below.

Instead of masks, make your own angry bird! Could even make eye ...

Don’t forget to email or Tweet photos of your work or anything else you have been doing. We love hearing from you

Thank you.

Mrs Gascoyne, Mrs Hall & Miss Millward