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Home Learning 2.7.20

Thursday 2nd July 2020

Hello Crocodiles,

I hope you manage to jump in some muddy puddles today! 🙂

Here are today’s home learning activities:


Introduce s:

S as in sun

Can you practice writing s, remember to write both the capital S and lowercase s.

Introduce t:

t as in teddy

Can you practice writing t, remember to write both the capital T and lowercase t.

Can you find a teddy, sock, tin, spoon, scissors and toy in your house.

Write the letter ‘s’ and the letter ‘t’ on separate pieces of paper. Can your child match each object to its initial sound.

E.g- teddy should be on the ‘t’, sock on the ‘s’

Make it easier: You can help your child by really emphasising the initial sound ‘tttteddy’ ‘ssssspooon’

Make it harder: Once you have completed the above task- ask your child to pick up the “s o ck”- can they find the right object. Repeat for tin, teddy and spoon.

Physical Development:

If you already have playdough you can use that, if not you can follow the recipe below to make your own. Wait until the playdough has cooled and ask your child to make ‘Superworm’.

Use words such as ‘roll’, ‘stretch’, ‘twist’ to aid their fine motor skills.

Once your child has made superworm- can they make a shorter worm?

Can they make superworm’s mum or dad? Will they be longer or shorter than superworm?

Thank you

Miss Crossley