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Home Learning 19.5.20

Tuesday 19th May 2020

Hello Crocodiles,

Don’t forget you can send us pictures of your work at crocodileclass@purston.wakefield.sch.uk or tweet them to @infantpurston on our school twitter account.

Here is today’s home learning activity:


Can you use materials at home or outside to practice representing numbers.

(This can look like any of the below pictures. It can be children mark making lines, making a tally, drawing dots and circles or showing the number by holding up fingers, counting out a number of leaves/sticks/toys. It can be children forming the written numeral using their fingers, pencils, mark making equipment etc).

You could use:

  • Chalk outside in your garden
  • Salt in a tray/ on a plate
  • Shaving foam outside/in a tray or on a plate.
  • Paint in ziplock bags (sealed with sellotape)
  • Using leaves or sticks.
  • Your fingers
  • Pen and paper
  • A drawing/writing app on a tablet.

Ask your child to show you the number- E.g. “Can you show me number 3?”- You can model the first one you ask by collecting 3 twigs and putting them side by side, writing 3 lines in chalk or forming the numeral 3. Then ask your child to show you the number 1 using the same method.

Make it easier – To represent numbers to 3 or 5. This would work better representing by asking your child to hold fingers up, collect objects and line them up or draw dots/ lines/ circles instead of forming the actual numeral.

Challenge– To represent numbers to 10 or 20. Ask your child to draw dots/ lines/ circles or to form the actual numeral. Remember to make sure your numeral faces the right way.

Thank you

Miss Crossley