• School is closed on Thursday 2nd May for voting and Monday 6th May for May Day bank holiday

Home Learning 17.6.20

Wednesday 17th June 2020

Hello Lions and Tigers!

We hope that you enjoyed yesterday’s activities and are now ready for more!

On the front of your folder is either a yellow, blue, or red sticker.  Please complete the activity with your grown up that matches the colour on your folder.

Remember to share your reading book or another story every day, this is the most important thing you can do!

If you have a phonics folder, please continue to practise the sounds you have already been taught.  Make sure that you can use the sounds you know to read unfamiliar words.

English – Watch from the beginning of the Aladdin clip up to 5 mins 48 secs.

Red and Blue: Story tell the next part of the film clip.  Where was Aladdin going when he spotted Princess Jasmine?  Describe Jasmine – what did she look like?  What did Aladdin tell his mum when he went home?  What did Aladdin’s mum do next?  Remember to use adjectives and conjunctions to make your story interesting.

Yellow: As above, tell the story up to the part where Aladdin’s mum went to the Sultan’s palace. Children will need support to make their sentences, try to use phonics where you can to help with spelling.

Maths – All Groups: Shape.  Follow the link to the online lesson to learn about describing the position of an object.  When you have finished, take the final quiz and make a screenshot of it to email to your class teacher.