• Sports afternoon is Tuesday 18th June

Home Learning 17.6.20

Wednesday 17th June 2020

Hello Crocodiles,

I have a special message for you today:

Mrs Abson and Mrs Morgan say hello! 🙂

Can you sing our days of the week song with Tallulah today?

Here is today’s home learning activity:


Can you count down from 10 like a rocket blasting off into space?

This week we will be learning how to count down from 10. We will also be learning number bonds to 10.

Can you watch the numberblocks episode below and talk about what happens with a grown up?


Ask your child:

What did you see in the episode?

Can your child use 10 bricks to make a tower, or 10 toys for a line.

One at a time can your child remove one block from the tower and check how many they have left. Parents- can you model- “Nine is one less than ten” and encourage your child to do this as they count down to 0 removing one at a time.

Eight is one less than nine

Talk to your child about travelling to the moon- who might the numberblocks meet on the moon? ALIENS!

Can you sing the following song with your child about aliens and sing down to 1:

10 green aliens jumping in a row

10 green aliens jumping in a row

And if 1 green alien should fall into a hole

They’ll be 9 green aliens jumping in a row.

Thank you

Miss Crossley