• Sports afternoon is Tuesday 18th June

Home Learning 16.6.20

Tuesday 16th June 2020

Hello Crocodiles,

We are continuing our Superhero topic but today we have a new story all about a Superhero Mum!

Here are today’s home learning activities:


Please watch the following clip to hear the first part of our story:

My Mum is a Supermum 1

My Mum is a Supermum 2

How do you think Milo’s mum knew what Milo was doing?

Do you think your mum has X-Ray vision?

Have a think about your mum at home. What does your mum regularly say to you?

(Parents/Carers be prepared for some funny answers!)

My Mum is a Supermum 3

Can you draw a picture of your mum and note down her special skills? (Watch the video above for ideas)

Physical Development–Fine motor skills

Can you use patterns/shapes on paper and a pair of scissors to practice your cutting skills?

Remember to try and use the scissors with one hand, using the other hand to hold the paper still.

There are some sheets you can use below or copy them for ideas onto paper at home 🙂

Thank you.

Miss Crossley