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Home Learning – 15.06.20

Hello Kangaroos and Giraffes,

We hope you have had a lovely weekend.


Today we are looking at the letter group ‘igh, as in knight.

Have a go at reading some of these words – light, bright, sigh, fights.

Can you read them to a grown up?

Can you write some words with ‘igh in them?

Can you read your words to someone?


Last Friday we asked you to find out what creature Steve Irwin discovered on one of his many adventures, you will now know that this was a turtle.

We are going to ask you to become an explorer of the rainforest!

In your workbooks, we would like you to make a list and draw the things that you would need to take on an exploring adventure in the rainforest. Think about the clothes, shoes, food, tools and equipment you might need.


Can you make yourself some binoculars and a magnifying glass ready for our exploring adventure?

You could use rolled up paper, cardboard tubes, empty pots and tubs, we would love to see your home made binoculars and magnifying glasses!


One of the most famous rainforests in the world is the Amazon rainforest.

We would like you to watch this clip of the Amazon and take some notes about it to make a fact sheet all about the Amazon.


Find out:

Where is the Amazon rainforest?

What animals would we see in the rainforest?

How much rain falls in the rainforest?

How warm is it in the rainforest?

What are the layers of the rainforest?

Don’t forget to send us pictures of your work. We love receiving emails from you. They really do make us smile.

Have a lovely day.

From Mrs Eades and Mrs Attwood