• School closes on Friday 24th May for May half term holiday and re opens on Monday 3rd June

Home Learning 14.7.20

Hello Crocodiles,

This is the last week of our home learning before the summer holidays. As it is the last week of term all activities this week will be based around transition to a new class (or a new teacher if you are staying in Crocodiles for another year).

Any home learning you complete this week can be sent to your new class teacher now you know what class you will be in:

For our January 2020 starters staying in Nursery please email:

crocodilesclass@purston.wakefield.sch.uk (For Miss Millward)

For our children moving up to full time Reception in September please email your class email below:

monkeysclass@purston.wakefield.sch.uk (For Mrs Hall and Miss Howitt)

elephantsclass@purston.wakefield.sch.uk (For Mrs Gascoyne and Miss Crossley)

Today i would like you tell your new teacher a little bit more about yourself. Can you tell your new teacher who lives at home with you? Do you have any pets? Who your friends are?

You can show this anyway you would like. This could be drawing on paper or even on a tablet, pictures or writing in chalk or paint, sticking and cutting or writing!

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Thank you,

Miss Crossley