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Home Learning 14.5.20

Thursday 14th May 2020

Hello Crocodiles,

Can you practice singing the alphabet today? Don’t forget to end with ‘zed’ sound for Z not ‘zee’.

Here is today’s home learning activity:


Can your remember and say each sound with me as I hold up our phonics cards?

Speed read for children to try first.

Speed read with teacher support.

Lets recap a,b,c,d,e and f.

Introduce these letters:

g as in gate

h as in hat

Can you practice writing both of these letters?

Can you collect 8 toy vehicles or toys from your house and ask your Parents or carer to use the following sheet or make their own.

Parents/Carers- can you say the sound of one of the letters and ask your child to park your car/toy in the right spot. E.g. “ park your car in the spot that says ‘a’.

Repeat for all letters. Can your child find the correct letter from the sound?

Make it easier- Use 3 spots with a,b,c, sounds or write the sounds on a piece of paper and point at each one in turn asking your child to find the matching letter.

Challenge– Write CVC words beginning with these letters instead- e.g cat, dog, got, ant, bag, egg, hat, frog. Say the word and see if your child can find the correct space by reading the words.

Thank you

Miss Crossley