• School closes on Friday 24th May for May half term holiday and re opens on Monday 3rd June

Home Learning – 13.4.20

Spring 13.4.20

Home Learning Challenge

Good morning Tigers and Lions

We hope you have had an enjoyable Easter with your families Here are this week’s challenges.

  • Can you name any different types of flowers in your garden/in the park?  Which one is your favourite?  Draw and label it.
  • Make a weather chart to show what the spring weather is like.  Make a tally chart to show how many days are sunny/cloudy/rainy. Challenge:  Can you draw a graph to show your findings?
  • During spring, seeds begin to grow. In the story of Jack and the Beanstalk, Jack’s beans grow into a magic beanstalk. Tell the story of Jack and the beanstalk with a grown-up at home. You could even act the story out together! Challenge: Can you make your own Jack and the Beanstalk story book?

Remember to still do lots of reading with your grown up.

Stay at home and stay safe.

Miss Nicklin & Mrs Inhester