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Home Learning – 13.07.20

Hello Kangaroos and Giraffes,

We hope you have had a lovely weekend.

We are beginning to wind down now as this is your last week of home learning. This week we are going to do some transition activities to help you get ready for Year 2.


Today we are looking at the letter groups ur as in purse and ir as in bird.

Have a go at reading these sentences:

  • First Biff got out her black skirt and then she got out her purple shirt.
  • When is it my turn to stir the flapjack mix?


Last week you found out who your new teacher will be in September. They cannot wait to meet you! We would like you to write a letter to your new teacher and introduce yourselves. You could use the template we have attached.

Why not tell your new teacher:

  • Favourite colour/food/toy
  • An interesting fact about yourself
  • Something funny about yourself that will make your new teacher laugh!
  • What you like to do at school/home
  • Who your best friend is
  • Do you have a pet?

Remember to use capital letters, full stops and finger spaces. Take care with your handwriting. Keep it on the lines.


This week we have uploaded 30 Maths challenges to have a go at completing. How many can you do?


So that your new teacher gets to know a little bit more about you, we would like you to draw or paint your house, family and any pets that you have. Can you label your picture?

Have a lovely day.

From Mrs Eades and Mrs Attwood