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Home Learning 12.6.20

Friday 12th June 2020

Hello Crocodiles,

Happy Friday! I hope you are all still smiling even though it has been raining all week! I wonder if you know a song we could sing about the rain to make it go away?

Here are today’s home learning tasks:

Literacy & Expressive Arts & Design:

Can you remember what story we are reading- ‘Eliot Midnight Superhero’

Here is our story to the very end:

Eliot Midnight Superhero 1

Eliot Midnight Superhero 2

Eliot Midnight Superhero 3

Eliot Midnight Superhero 4

Eliot Midnight Superhero 5

Parents/Carers can you ask your child the following questions:

What happened at the beginning of our story? (Eliot was a secret superhero/ he saved the town from lions)

What happened in the middle of the story? (Eliot cracked the code and gave the queen her jewels back/ he flew the plane to his mission)

What happened at the end of the story? (Eliot used his meteor-busting rocket to save the world and got a medal)

Can you act out our story like you are Eliot the superhero? You could use a broom as your meteor busting rocket to save the world! Can somebody in your family pretend to be the scary lions and the queen in our story?

Physical Development- Fine Motor

Can you use your superhero hand control to complete one or more of the following activities?

Thank you and have a lovely weekend!

Miss Crossley