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Home Learning 12.5.20

Tuesday 12th May 2020

Hello Crocodiles,

I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s home learning activities. Remember to share a story with a loved one today! 🙂

Here is today’s home learning activity:


Can you practice counting up to 5, 10 or 20?

Today we are going to have a car wash.

Collect 10 cars/ toy vehicles in your house and ask a grown up help you label them to 10. Each car should have a different number either drawn on a piece of paper/the floor near it or on it.

Ask your grown up for a spray bottle/cup full of water and a sponge or cloth and then wait for an instruction.

Grown ups can you ask your child to wash the vehicle that is number 5. Remember number 5 has that big fat tummy.

Repeat for all numbers to 10, using clues to help if needed-

Number 1- goes straight down.

Number 2- curve round its head, down its neck and across it’s bottom.

Number 3- looks like a butterfly wing- out and in, out and in.

Number 4- down and across and down some more.

Number 5- wears a hat and has a big fat tummy.

Number 6- down it’s neck and round it’s tummy.

Number 7- across it’s head and down its long neck.

Number 8- round its head and round its tummy.

Number 9- round its head and down it’s neck.

Make it easier- Numbers to 3 or 5.

Challenge– Ask your child to find you the number one/two more than/ less than a number. E.g “find me the number one more than 3” “Find me the number two less than 9”

Thank you

Miss Crossley