Home Learning 12.5.20

Tuesday 12th May 2020

Hello Tigers and Lions,

On the front of your folder is either a yellow, blue or red sticker.  Please complete the activity with your grown up that matches the colour on your folder.

Remember to share your reading book or another story every day.

If your child has a phonics folder read daily.

English – In your workbook

Red Blue – Yellow – Think about the spellings you practised yesterday (play game again if you like!) then see if you can write sentences containing some of the words you have learned to spell.

Maths – In your workbook.

Red – Blue – You may need a grown up to help you. Find out how many minutes are in 1 hour. Now find out how many hours are in one day. Challenge, how many hours are in 2 days? How did you work this out?

Yellow – Talk with your grown up about how many minutes are in one hour. What kind of things could you do in one minute compared to one hour? For example wash your face in one minute, go to the supermarket might take one hour. This will help your child tell the difference in time.