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Home Learning 10.6.20

Wednesday 10th June 2020

Hello Crocodiles,

Don’t forget you can send us pictures of your work at crocodilesclass@purston.wakefield.sch.uk or tweet them to @infantpurston on our school twitter account.

Here is today’s home learning activity:


Can you count up to 20 using a squeaky mouse voice? Can you count up to 20 in a quiet whisper? Can you count up to 20 using your big LOUD voice?

This week we will be learning how to count one object at a time and learning how to make 7.

Can you watch the numberblocks episode below and talk about what happens with a grown up?


Ask your child:

What did you see in the episode?

Who wasn’t ticklish in the episode?

Discuss what your child noticed about the number of fluffies that each numberblock had attached to them. For example, one fluffy for each block. “Two has two fluffies because he is made from two blocks”.

How many fluffies did number 4 have?

Can your child use blocks/household objects to create a tower for each number to 7. Start with one block for number one, then two blocks for number two and so on until you have 7 towers.

(If you do not have materials to build a tower, can you make a row of objects instead)

Now using a separate number of smaller objects (could be pens, fruit, raisins etc) ask your child to imagine these are fluffies. Can they match the number of fluffies to the right tower?

Give your child a particular number of them in their hand. Can your child count slowly and accurately and match the fluffies up with the right tower using 1:1 correspondence? (e.g- 1 fluffy to 1 block in a tower).

Make it easier- Ask your child to make towers to 3.

Challenge– Ask your child: “If I took the tower with two blocks and the tower with 5 blocks- how many fluffies would I have all together?”

(Encourage your child to push the two groups of fluffies together and count them all)

Thank you

Miss Crossley