• School closes on Friday 24th May for May half term holiday and re opens on Monday 3rd June

Free Parenting Classes

During June, I am running two FREE Parenting Clinics focusing on Behaviour and how as parents and carers we can best support our child(ren). The clinics will be held in a group session and hosted on Zoom, they last 30 minutes. Participants are made to feel welcome and there is no expectation for videos or microphones to be on unless the participant chooses too. https://anisalewis.as.me/theclinic

In addition to offering these free clinics, I also work with schools and parents to provide talks, workshops, training and coaching. If this is of interest, do reach out for more information.

FREE Parenting Clinic – June 16th @ 10am & 8pm – Behaviour

What is going on with your child’s behaviour?

Do you often question why your child is behaving in a certain way? Why are they hitting/kicking/lashing out? Why do they always shout? Why won’t they listen?

What is your approach to discipline like? Do you tend to react the same way each time?

Join Anisa (Parenting Coach) on the 16th June for her monthly Free Parenting Clinics, this talk is focused on behaviour and what we can do to support ourselves and our young people.

Join us on zoom, for the 30-minute talk.

Book here: https://anisalewis.as.me/theclinic  or email: hello@anisalewis.com for the booking link