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S.E.N.D. Special Education Needs

At Purston Infant School we always aim to be open and honest with parents about their children’s educational needs. We realise that it can be difficult for a parent to discuss the fact that their child may have additional educational needs. We are always empathetic and understanding about this.

We are happy to discuss any worries that parents may be having concerning their child’s academic needs. We listen carefully and take parental concerns seriously.

We understand that when parents are worried that their child is experiencing difficulties in school, they may want to discuss learning difficulties in an open and frank manner with us. We endeavour to be forthright in these discussions and share our opinions and ideas fully, avoiding ‘jargon’ etc.

At Purston Infant School we offer a very wide range of support and intervention groups. A child does not need to be on our Special Educational Needs Register to access this type of support. Any child who has a specific need will have support offered.

We offer a ‘bespoke’ approach to the learning of children with any kind of additional learning need. We realise that every child’s needs are different, and we are mindful of this when planning their learning and additional support.

We fully understand the emotional impact that any kind of learning or behavioural need can have on both a child and his/her parents and family. We aim to support the ‘whole child’ and their parents; not only address the child’s educational needs.

We are proud of our excellent working relationship with the parents of children with additional needs. We receive a lot of positive feedback from parents regarding our Special Educational Needs and Disabilities provision. This provision is continually updating and evolving; responding to the needs of our children.

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Download our S.E.N.D. Policies

 SEND Policy Oct 19

Auxiliary Aids and Equipment Policy (PDF)

Access Statement (PDF)

SEND Information Report